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 I love this place! I’ve been going here for a long time and it has really improved my studies! I definitely recommend it here and the teachers are wonderful and they are great to help with homework and to answer any needed questions! The director here is awesome and there are other classes such as taekwondo with a teacher that is funny and cooperative. If I didn’t understand something, the teachers would not stop helping until I understood. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to make funny friends while working your mind! We also get yummy snacks after arriving from school and it’s a really great place to keep yourself motivated! -Christie Kwon

Hi, I am a student at School of the Art Institute of Chicago and I have been associated with Apple Tree since it opened in 2005. To still be associated with this wonderful place after fourteen years, shows the everlasting relationships that can be formed here. Apple Tree has personally helped me grown into an individual that demonstrates more creativity, independence, and responsibility. Anyone interested in joining this program should put aside any hesitation as this place will surely help in maturing your kid to become the best possible version of themselves that they can be. Being academically ahead and being informed will ensure for great success in the future. -  Victoria Yang

Apple Tree is a place that will always have a place in my heart. I have been going to Apple Tree ever since I was little and am still associated with the program as it still provides me with endless benefits. Apple Tree has passionate teachers that make learning both fun and informational. My grades in school have certainly seen an uptick due to the learning i gained from Apple Tree. Apple Tree is a great place to make friends and is a place that can ensure great success. - Jeffrey Park 

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